Available Now: SparkUp

March 9, 2015 - posted in Development, JS, Release

I just released v0.1.0 of a new desktop app, SparkUp. SparkUp helps designers and creatives make spark and mood boards more quickly and more easily.

SparkUp is built on nw.js and will grow significantly as features are added and potential issues addressed as it moves towards it’s 1.0 release this spring.


Just Finished: Orangevale Parks & Rec

March 3, 2015 - posted in Release, WordPress

My good friend David Dickerson at Villiage Creative and I just completed the redevelopment of a new site for the Orangevale Recreation and Parks Department.

David is a super talented designer and her worked hand in hand with OVParks to create the strategy behind the new OVParks design and implementation, while I led the front-end and WordPress development for the project.

The new OVParks site is built on WordPress with LESS preprocessing, with a number of custom post types, widgets, and fields.

The city of Orangevale should be launching the new site within the next few weeks, until then you can grab a glimpse at what’s coming in the screenshot below.



Red Star 3.0 – The North Korean Operating System

January 11, 2015 - posted in Misc

Somebody posted up a torrent on pastebin for the North Korean operating system, Red Star, a few weeks ago. I had intended to download it and check it out a lot sooner, but as so often happens with intended fun, it happened late.

I don’t speak Korean, so pretty much all I could do was get it installed and grab some screenshots. Whoever built it out did a better than expected job ripping off OSX which is surprising, not surprising though that it is OSX that they ripped off.

I need to go back and figure out how to flip through any included wallpaper, I’m interested to see what that might be. For now though, this is what it’s looking like.

NK Red Star [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_251 NK Red Star [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_252 NK Red Star [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_253 NK Red Star [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_254 NK Red Star [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_255 NK Red Star [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_256 NK Red Star [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_257 NK Red Star [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_258 NK Red Star [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_259 NK Red Star [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_260 NK Red Star [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_261 NK Red Star [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_262 NK Red Star [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_263 NK Red Star [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_264

Just Finished :

December 2, 2014 - posted in Development, Releases, WordPress

I just wrapped a new WordPress project with my good friend Trista Yard. We’ve previously worked together on a couple of projects, notably the USAF Collaboratory.

The new site is powered by WordPress and WooCommerce, and was a fun, quick build. I always enjoy doing smaller boutique style builds, and this was a blast.

Checkout Kelly’s blog and shop, she makes some wicked stuff – I plan on picking up a couple of her stamps for gifts this holiday season myself.