Available Now: SparkUp

I just released v0.1.0 of a new desktop app, SparkUp. SparkUp helps designers and creatives make spark and mood boards more quickly and more easily.

SparkUp is built on nw.js and will grow significantly as features are added and potential issues addressed as it moves towards it’s 1.0 release this spring.


Just Finished : KellyPurkey.com

I just wrapped a new WordPress project with my good friend Trista Yard. We’ve previously worked together on a couple of projects, notably the USAF Collaboratory.

The new KellyPurkey.com site is powered by WordPress and WooCommerce, and was a fun, quick build. I always enjoy doing smaller boutique style builds, and this was a blast.

Checkout Kelly’s blog and shop, she makes some wicked stuff – I plan on picking up a couple of her stamps for gifts this holiday season myself.


If you’re a WordPress dev, checkout VagrantPress

I’ve been using Vagrant for a little over a year know for all of my web projects, with the exception of Meteor based developments. I’ve traditionally rolled my own, but with the Kelly Purkey project I just wrapped up I grabbed VagrantPress from Chad Thompson.

It’s definitely worth taking the time to look at. It’s two command to have an isolated LAMP stack running running with WordPress already installed (assuming you are already using Vagrant). Just git clone [repo] & vagrant up, and moments later WordPress is up.

At some point I intend to write a post about running projects with Vagrant, but for now if you use Vagrant and WordPress, VagrantPress is your friend and you should really go give it a look.