Free Tileset from SDB

Here is a free tileset created a little over a year ago for a prototype rogue-like platformer that never materialized. They’ll make a solid start for a little platformer or other pixel art game.


They are free as in freedom, use them however you like.

Download free tileset.

Prototyping Trains Across

This is the first prototype of my next project, which is currently untitled so I’m calling “Trains Across” for now.

It’s fairly straightforward spacial puzzle game. You are given a specific group of blocks on each level, and must use those blocks to create a path between the gaps in the tracks that will allow the train to cross without falling or colliding with a wall.

At the start of the level, the train leaves the station far to the left, and a “Time to Derailment” countdown pops up warning you that the train is approaching (you can look to the left to see it steaming along). You must solve the puzzle and place the blocks before the train arrives and crashes.

In the screenshot you can see the play area, the tracks, and the train. the play area grid is variable, and will be larger or smaller depending on the map.

Presently designing for IOS & Android, but considering desktop platforms if it makes sense there.

Voxel Editor for 2d Textures

I’ve been toying with Qubicle, a voxel editor, for making 2d textures. Early yet, but I can see using it for Mr Mal. It’s intended style is a 2.5d platformer, hopefully once dev on it picks up this will speed the creation of new content.

Local Coop Test for Tiny Kleptos

Testing out the two player on a pair of XBOX 360 controllers. Seems to work well, though has some health / damage bugs, and for some reason the players sometimes collide with each other. It’s a controller / coop test though, and that works great.

Sadly, being almost 1AM I had to play both players myself so they move one at a time. Nighttime crush.