Available Now: SparkUp

I just released v0.1.0 of a new desktop app, SparkUp. SparkUp helps designers and creatives make spark and mood boards more quickly and more easily.

SparkUp is built on nw.js and will grow significantly as features are added and potential issues addressed as it moves towards it’s 1.0 release this spring.


Just Finished: Orangevale Parks & Rec

My good friend David Dickerson at Villiage Creative and I just completed the redevelopment of a new site for the Orangevale Recreation and Parks Department.

David is a super talented designer and her worked hand in hand with OVParks to create the strategy behind the new OVParks design and implementation, while I led the front-end and WordPress development for the project.

The new OVParks site is built on WordPress with LESS preprocessing, with a number of custom post types, widgets, and fields.

The city of Orangevale should be launching the new site within the next few weeks, until then you can grab a glimpse at what’s coming in the screenshot below.



For #screenshotsaturday Another Tileset Release

Releasing another tileset for #screenshotsaturday. This is a really small set, perfect for a prototype or a good start for something a little bigger.


Grab this free tileset here.

Free Tileset from SDB

Here is a free tileset created a little over a year ago for a prototype rogue-like platformer that never materialized. They’ll make a solid start for a little platformer or other pixel art game.


They are free as in freedom, use them however you like.

Download free tileset.